Mistakes in Showering that Can Harm You and Your Skin

Mistakes in Showering that Can Harm You and Your Skin

Showering is an essential part of our everyday life. It’s difficult to get through the day without having our daily shower.

However, do you know that you might be committing some showering mistakes? That’s right. There are actually right ways to have your shower and then there are likewise wrong habits that can do you no good, particularly to your skin.

Here are some showering mistakes that you need to know and avoid:

Mistakes in Showering that Can Harm You and Your Skin1. A burst of hot water – When the weather is cold, our tendency is to start off with a blast of hot water. We may think that it is all good and it can be beneficial to us but actually, hot water is bad for showering.

Hot water brings blood circulation to the skin, causing it to turn red. Inflammatory building blocks are also attracted to the skin, creating more rash and itch. Likewise, getting used to showering with hot water removes our natural oils leading to dryness.

It is therefore advisable to bathe with lukewarm water.

Mistakes in Showering that Can Harm You and Your Skin

2. Soaping the entire body – This is another common showering mistake that most of us are guilty of. The main purpose of soaping is to eliminate and dissolve dirt and oil.

However, there are body parts that, according to dermatologists, are better off to be left alone. Skin doctors suggest that soaping should be minimized to odor-causing and oily body parts such as face, groin, armpits, buttocks, and feet.

Mistakes in Showering that Can Harm You and Your Skin

3. Showering too long – We probably think spending extended time in the shower is a must to be clean.

According to studies, more than 10 minutes of bathing is already bad for the skin as it causes it causes the skin to dry.

For more on this, check out our previous blog: https://shinagawa.ph/skin-care/

Mistakes in Showering that Can Harm You and Your Skin

4. Not moisturizing quickly after a shower – According to dermatologists, it is essential to moisturize right after bathing, around three minutes to be precise to lock in the moisture amd keep the skin hydrated.

Pat your skin after bathing and moisturize immediately.

Adjusting our showering habits is our first step to a healthier skin.

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Are You Too Young or Old for LASIK?

Are You Too Young or Old for LASIK?

A lot of people are asking if there is an age limit for LASIK surgery. Fortunately, the general age range for LASIK is broad, meaning there is a fair chance that one can be a candidate.

Technically, the only certain age limit is that one has to be 18 to be eligible for LASIK screening. Aside from that, it really varies.

Actually, it is a misconception that one can only have LASIK up to a certain age. That is actually untrue. In fact, there are some who had successfully LASIK surgery at 70 years old and older. Further, recent statistics show that there are more people in their 50s now that had LASIK or are considering to have it.

Like cataract surgery, which is a safe and tested procedure that restored one’s bright vision, LASIK can also be a hit for people above the age of 50.

Are You Too Young or Old for LASIK?

However, even if it might not be the main factor, age can still be a factor on whether or not you can be a candidate for LASIK as our eyes tend to continually change as we grow older.

Despite that, plenty of people that are in their 40s, 50s, and 60s still have healthy eyes and they may still be good candidates for LASIK.

As for people under 18, they are normally not qualified as their vision has not yet stabilized fully. Most ophthalmologists recommend people to wait until their early to mid-20s before considering having LASIK.

But at Shinagawa, an 18-year-old can actually undergo surgery provided its vision is stabilized and this is made possible by the advanced technology and equipment we possess for our patients’ advantage.

Are You Too Young or Old for LASIK?

Given these circumstances, the notion that there is a limit on upper-age people for LASIK is simply untrue.

Not sure if you can be a candidate for LASIK but would love to have the procedure for your own good? The best way to know is to consult our experienced and trusted eye doctors and have the necessary examinations to see what’s best for you.

At Shinagawa, we ensure what’s best for our patients as our advanced machines smoothen eye examinations and give the most accurate results.

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What Can Dental Cleaning Do For You?

What Can Dental Cleaning Do For You?

Do you regularly have to go to the dentist for a dental cleaning?

Aside from maintaining clean teeth and your oral hygiene, religiously having dental cleaning can do a lot more for you than you know.

Aside from the cleaning itself, there are more benefits you can get from dental cleaning:

  1. Keep cavities away – As you know, the plaque is one of the main causes of tooth decay. A clean and well-maintained teeth keep you away from plaque and cavities. Dental cleanings, along with regular brushing and flossing, effectively removes plaque.
  2. Enhance your smile – Yes, even your improve your smile. Dental cleaning instantly fixes the stains left by your smoking, drinking coffee, tea, and alcohol, among others. As the stains get removed, your teeth get good shine as they go back to being whiter, allowing you to flaunt them with confidence through your smile.
  3. Fresher breath – A fresher breath also awaits you upon having a dental cleaning. Preventing persistent bad breath is attainable through proper oral hygiene, including regular dental cleaning. Combined with regular brushing and flossing, regular cleaning helps you prevent bad mouth odor.
  4. Maintenance of oral health – Cleaning is a great way to not only keep your teeth away from cavities but to also ensure you a healthy mouth. Studies show that regular dental cleaning effectively helps lower risks for various diseases, including stroke and heart disease. Routine oral cleaning and examinations can also help in detecting early stages of some life-threatening conditions.
  5. Prevent tooth loss – Want to keep your teeth intact as you age? Dental cleaning also helps a lot in taking care of that. Regular dental cleaning helps reduce gum disease, a major cause of tooth loss, as it fights it off.
  6. Keep your teeth healthy, save money – No teeth problems means less money spent. As long as you maintain your oral hygiene and have your regular cleaning, chances are your teeth and mouth will be intact and it will cause you way less rather than having to spend to fix certain oral problems. Think about it, you might be shedding some for your regular dental cleaning but you will actually spend less as well because of it.

Having regular dental check-up and cleaning are musts for all of us.

Our dentists at Shinagawa can make the best recommendations specific to the needs of your teeth, further, they ensure your oral health as well through effective cleaning and check-ups.

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