No Glasses, No Problem Rham’s New Adventure Starts With A Clearer Vision

No Glasses, No Problem: Rham’s New Adventure Starts With A Clearer Vision

For a lot of people, wearing classes can be agonizing.

Rham Marco is one of those who was constantly having difficulties in wearing spectacles. She can’t stand the fact that she had to wear glasses every day just to be able to get through her various errands.

“I’ve been wearing glasses for 5 years and that has been a burden for me. For someone who likes experiencing things, glasses felt like a crutch. In fact, I refuse to wear them as much as I can. I wanted to be able to do things without having to wear glasses,” said Rham.

A sucker for adventures, Rham elaborated her daily struggles as she dealt with her poor vision and inconvenient glasses.

“I used to read the menu on fast food chains by zooming them on my phone’s camera, wear sunglasses even though it’s an added blurriness to my vision, I make sure that the UV I’m about to ride is going on that route when they stop directly in front of me, take selfies and only see what it looks like in my phone gallery, endure special events with everything being blurry, go directly in front of the monitor just to see what my coworker is showing me on their computer. Those are just some of the things I did with my then annoying 275/350 vision.”

Not wanting to just accept her everyday struggles, Rham made a stand and badly went after better eyesight, something she most definitely achieved.

“I just wanted to use my eyes properly, without needing anything. Then, I’ve heard about LASIK. When you’re desperate to have your vision back, you’ll look up anything. I was amazed when I saw about all these celebrities having 20/20 eye grades again and that they had it done in Shinagawa Lasik Center. I watched all the videos they have, read every testimonial, and made it my goal to get my perfect vision back too,” shared Rham.

After LASIK turned the tides around for Rham, she realized just how important it is to have a more reliable pair of eyesight for a better living.

“I’m so glad I had LASIK because I now have 20/12 vision, even better than my goal! I’m amazed at how everything is so clear to me now. Thank you, Shinagawa. You’ve made my life so much better and easier.”

Then, she also wants to make a difference and let others know how priceless having LASIK can be, given all its benefits.

“If you’re willing to spend money on cell phones, gadgets, or anything that will lose/decrease its value in 2 years, you most certainly can afford to have LASIK. It’s your eyes! You should be taking care of them and actually spending more because we use them every single day.”

When Are Cataracts Bad Enough To Have The Need For Surgery | Shinagawa Cataract Blog

When Is The Right Time For You To Have Cataract Surgery?

When it comes to dealing with cataracts, one of the most commonly asked questions is: when is cataract bad enough to require surgery already?

Well, identifying when to have cataract surgery can be simple. But if you take it upon yourself to monitor your cataract and have regular eye checkups, knowing when can be much easier.

Cataracts should be removed as soon as detected to avoid more complications. It is essential to take care of cataracts that soon as opposed to the time that you start experiencing more bothersome visual problems.

Once a cataract had already experienced that, then it has most likely progressed.

If your vision problems due to a cataract become more and more noticeable, it is very likely that it is already bad enough and that you would already need surgery to have it removed and taken care of.

If you’re experiencing constant bothersome visual problems like halos and glares at night, then that is most likely your cue.

Remember, if initial measures to help your vision, like eyeglasses, don’t work anymore, surgery is the only effective treatment.

In a nutshell, if you have a cataract and it is already causing you a constant blurred vision that makes it extremely difficult for you to things and activities on a daily basis, it’s most likely time for you to have the surgery to restore your eyesight.

Cynthia Carrion for Shinagawa Lasik & Aesthetics

Still, an eye doctor knows best that’s why when that time comes, it’s on you to have a corresponding action. It’s time to consult an ophthalmologist to map out the best plan and schedule for cataract surgery.

Since it’s impossible to predict accurately how quickly, or not, a cataract develops, having constant eye checkups to know its status is very much essential as untreated cataract may eventually cause blindness.

For early detection and to avoid complications that may arise due to cataract, a regular checkup is a must.

Our experienced doctors at Shinagawa has the ability to see any cataract and assessing how extensive it already is. Call our Patient Care Lines: (+632) 368 5238 | (+63) 917 862 7454 | (+63) 921 217 0517 and we’ll be on top of your cataract.

The Wonders of Water for our Skin | Shinagawa Aesthetics Blog

The Wonders of Water for our Skin

Our body is made up to 75% of water. Not enough intake can affect the largest organ, the skin. Signs like dryness and flaky skin will show if not hydrated properly. When these problems occur, our skin is more prone to wrinkles and age spots. Our bodies lose water in form of sweat and urine, these need to be replenished to maintain the hydration levels. Water therapy is sworn by the Japanese people. This gives them smooth and glowing skin. Now let’s dive deeper of what wonders water can bring to our skin.

The skin contains about 30% of the total water content of our body. Water maintains the moisture and delivers essential nutrients to the skin cells. This increased elasticity and plump. Drinking an ample amount of water fights skin disorders such as psoriasis, wrinkles, and eczema. It also flushes out toxins through the kidney by filtering the waste from the bloodstream so organs can receive pure oxygenated blood. Daily intake of adequate levels of water helps your skin function effectively. From preventing water loss and eliminating toxins to synthesizing vitamin D and protecting your body from sun damage – your skin performs multiple functions every day.

Benefits of Water to our Skin | Shinagawa Aesthetics Blog

Water is not just doing wonder when drinking, it also brings a cooling effect to reduce or eliminate the redness when bathing in a cold shower. Cold water also tightens the pores right after having a warm water bath to cleanse. A cold water compress can also help to reduce under-eye inflammation. As the water evaporates from the skin, the surface becomes cooler. Splashing cold water on the eyes can also reduce eye puffiness.

It’s pretty evident that water intake plays a crucial role in keeping your skin healthy. Water is not only a source of life on this planet, but it is also equally important for maintaining your quality of life. Do not wait anymore and take your first step towards glowing skin and a healthy body.

Four More Surprising LASIK Benefits | Shinagawa LASIK Blog

Four More Surprising LASIK Benefits

LASIK is known as a very effective procedure that gives a lot of people the bright vision that they always dreamed of having. Aside from that, it is also a given that LASIK can correct normal astigmatism.

Still, LASIK provides even more benefits that you might not know.

Here are four more unexpected advantages that LASIK can provide:

1. Better night vision – According to the most recent statistics and studies of LASIK patients, almost all of them have expressed that their night vision is drastically improved. Not having to deal with reflections and a poor refractive surface caused by dryness provides LASIK patients better night sight compared to their pre-LASIK vision.

2. Reduced allergy symptoms – Yes, even your allergy symptoms can be reduced by LASIK. Not having to deal with eyeglasses and contact lenses anymore, LASIK patients enjoy way less headaches, sinus pain, redness, and eye irritation.

3. Additional lines of sight – As LASIK corrects myopia and/or astigmatism, patients benefit as they gain additional lines of vision following the procedure. LASIK increases the patients’ clarity after surgery as refractive errors are best corrected in the corneal surface in the process. Glasses and contacts only correct those errors partially.

4. Improved peripheral vision – Even your peripherals can be improved by LASIK. Initially, LASIK provides an improved straight-ahead vision but also, it can enhance peripheral vision.

Aside from the straight-on benefits that LASIK can give, it can present you a whole lot more than just a perfect vision.

That’s why if you can be qualified for LASIK, there’s every reason to have it for you to have a better life.

See if LASIK can be for you, contact our Patient Care Lines: (+632) 368 5238 l (+63) 917 862 7454 l (+63) 921 217 0517 to start a possible journey to a better and brighter eyesight.

Can Cataract Surgery Be Performed On Both Eyes At The Same Time | Shinagawa Cataract Blog

Can Cataract Surgery Be Performed On Both Eyes At The Same Time?

If you happen to have Cataracts in both your eyes, you’re probably wondering if you can have surgery can be performed on them at the same time.

Typically, they should be done one-by-one to be able to get the best results. One eye is performed first, then the remaining eye is to be performed weeks later.

While many would definitely want both eyes to be done at the same time for convenience, it is simply not recommended as per Ophthalmologists. This is because the first eye done should be able to recover and stabilize first before the other eye can be done.

Cataract studies indicate that surgeries should be done this way as it presents patients excellent results with no increased rate of complications.

While the risk of infection and other serious complications from Cataract surgery are quite low, if both eyes were to become either infected or experience other complications as well, the results could be significantly devastating for a stretch of time, or possibly, even permanently.

Furthermore, separate procedures on each eye on separate days enable the surgeon and patient to evaluate the visual outcome of the first eye, which can possibly influence choices made for the second one.

Cataract surgery at Shinagawa is proven and tested to be very safe and effective, given the advancements in its technology and Ophthalmologists.

That’s why we can give you an accurate pre-operative eye test and consultation that will provide you all the pros and cons of all your cataract surgery options to determine the best choices for the specific needs of your eyes.

For inquiries and scheduling of a consultation, contact our Patient Care Lines: (+632) 368 5238 l (+63) 917 862 7454 l (+63) 921 217 0517