No Glasses, No Problem Rham’s New Adventure Starts With A Clearer Vision

No Glasses, No Problem: Rham’s New Adventure Starts With A Clearer Vision

For a lot of people, wearing classes can be agonizing.

Rham Marco is one of those who was constantly having difficulties in wearing spectacles. She can’t stand the fact that she had to wear glasses every day just to be able to get through her various errands.

“I’ve been wearing glasses for 5 years and that has been a burden for me. For someone who likes experiencing things, glasses felt like a crutch. In fact, I refuse to wear them as much as I can. I wanted to be able to do things without having to wear glasses,” said Rham.

A sucker for adventures, Rham elaborated her daily struggles as she dealt with her poor vision and inconvenient glasses.

“I used to read the menu on fast food chains by zooming them on my phone’s camera, wear sunglasses even though it’s an added blurriness to my vision, I make sure that the UV I’m about to ride is going on that route when they stop directly in front of me, take selfies and only see what it looks like in my phone gallery, endure special events with everything being blurry, go directly in front of the monitor just to see what my coworker is showing me on their computer. Those are just some of the things I did with my then annoying 275/350 vision.”

Not wanting to just accept her everyday struggles, Rham made a stand and badly went after better eyesight, something she most definitely achieved.

“I just wanted to use my eyes properly, without needing anything. Then, I’ve heard about LASIK. When you’re desperate to have your vision back, you’ll look up anything. I was amazed when I saw about all these celebrities having 20/20 eye grades again and that they had it done in Shinagawa Lasik Center. I watched all the videos they have, read every testimonial, and made it my goal to get my perfect vision back too,” shared Rham.

After LASIK turned the tides around for Rham, she realized just how important it is to have a more reliable pair of eyesight for a better living.

“I’m so glad I had LASIK because I now have 20/12 vision, even better than my goal! I’m amazed at how everything is so clear to me now. Thank you, Shinagawa. You’ve made my life so much better and easier.”

Then, she also wants to make a difference and let others know how priceless having LASIK can be, given all its benefits.

“If you’re willing to spend money on cell phones, gadgets, or anything that will lose/decrease its value in 2 years, you most certainly can afford to have LASIK. It’s your eyes! You should be taking care of them and actually spending more because we use them every single day.”

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