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Athalia Quitlong: From Blurry To Bright In 10 Minutes

Though most patients usually take around 24 hours to obtain bright vision after LASIK, it can actually be sooner for some.

Such was the case for Athalia Quitlong, an auditor.

“In my case, my vision was already bright right after LASIK and it was amazing,” she bared. “It only took around 10 minutes for both eyes during the procedure.”

Thrilled with the awesome results, Athalia couldn’t help but express her joy after her unforgettable LASIK journey at Shinagawa.

“LASIK was all worth it! I super love it! It gave me so much comfort. I give Shinagawa a 10/10 rating for the smooth process and very accommodating staff.”

Have the same life-changing experience! Start by scheduling your LASIK screening.

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