Better Eyesight, More Comfort for Rosielle Panaligan

Better Eyesight, More Comfort for Rosielle Panaligan

From a then eyesight of 400 with astigmatism, ULTRA LASIK instantly made Rosielle Panaligan’s life better by giving her a brighter vision.

Rosielle now enjoys a 20/16 vision and her life as a mom and entrepreneur is now much easier with her brighter eyesight.

“Thank you Shinagawa Ortigas for my ULTRA LASIK eye treatments! I am super happy! The procedure was really fast and painless. Finally, no more contact lens and eyeglasses for me,” shared a joyous Rosielle.

It took her 18 long years to finally be able to see the world brighter again. For her, it was certainly worth the wait.

“I’ve been really waiting for this moment for a long time. I’ve been wearing glasses since 2002, so it was 18 years and now, no more hassle for me, finally! Goodbye to all my eyeglasses!”

The comfort that her now bright eyesight is very much evident in her everyday life.

“It is now very comforting to not need to look for my glasses every day upon waking up and being able to move well and better with this new eyesight.”

Don’t prolong the agony and wait further. Live life better now with a brighter vision. Consider LASIK.

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