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Better Vision, Better Influencer: David Guison’s Accomplished Dream

The uncomfortability of wearing eyeglasses and contact lenses for a long stretch can most certainly take its toll.

It did for influencer David Guison.

For the longest time, David was struggling with his poor vision as well as wearing spectacles and contacts. Since then, it became his dream to have a brighter vision and a more convenient way of life.

His dreams finally came through after deciding to have LASIK at Shinagawa for a better life.

“After years of contemplating, I finally did it! I had LASIK eye surgery at Shinagawa! What a life-changing decision!” expressed a thrilled David moments after his LASIK. “I was more excited than nervous. I’ve been dreaming of having LASIK for the longest time.”

“Since my high school and college life, I’ve been already struggling with my vision. I’ve been with eyeglasses and contact lenses since 2003. It’s really uncomfortable.”

David would also want to remove any doubts and fears that others may have regarding LASIK for them to be able to likewise live more.

“There’s really nothing to be afraid of. It’s painless, it’s bladeless and it’s just really fast like around only 10 minutes for both eyes already. It’s a really cool experience.”

“I was 350/450 before and now, I’m at 20/12. I’m finally ditching my eyeglasses, my contact lenses and solution that I buy every month.”

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