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Couple and Vision Goals: Robert Quenery & Jannica Palanca

The couple that sees brightly together, stays together.

It’s as sweet and as bright as it gets for Robert Quenery and Jannica Palanca as they are bound to explore life and the world together with the brightest of visions.

Robert, a LASIK success story himself, recently surprised Jannica with the gift of LASIK and a better vision as he seeks them to experience life better.

He gifted her with LASIK at Shinagawa and as a result, Jannica can now see brightly just like him.

“To my unexpected love, Jannica Meg G. Palanca, I love you so much! Take my hand and let’s explore the world together without having to struggle with your eyeglasses,” expressed an excited Robert.

The lovebirds are now enjoying the world and their relationship in high definition.

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