Eaunic's 7-day Post-Opt Check Up | Shinagawa Feature Story

Cross-Linking + LASIK Equals Better Eyesight For Eaunic Martinez

The right combination of Cross-Linking and LASIK procedures at Shinagawa got patient Eaunic Ann Martinez the bright eyesight that she was longing for.

“It’s been 17 years since I started wearing eyeglasses. I can’t even remember the feeling of having a perfect and clear vision. And now, after my LASIK and Cross-Linking procedures at Shinagawa, I can’t believe it! I got a beyond perfect 20/12 vision now!” shared a thrilled Eaunic, who now enjoys her new sharp vision after the three-day treatment.

For Eaunic, having her vision fixed was most certainly of her best choices in life.

Cross Linking + LASIK Equals A Better Eyesight For Eaunic Martinez | Shinagawa feature Story

“It’s very life-changing and worth it! One of the best decisions/investments I’ve ever made for myself!”
Constantly battling vision problems and a relatively high eye grade, her condition wasn’t exactly the easiest but putting her trust in Shinagawa paid dividends.

“Thank you so much to Shinagawa Ortigas for the big help! My eye condition was not easy, but they made it all possible! I never doubted choosing Shinagawa since Day 1!”

Eaunic Martinez' Post-Opt Check Up | Shinagawa Feature Story

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