Ziemer Z8

New tech alert: Shinagawa Lasik & Aesthetics adds the latest laser equipment to our roster to continue innovating the way we service our patients — the Ziemer Z8.

Shinagawa Philippines has a complete line of Ziemer machines, which is one of the most high-end femtosecond laser brands for LASIK, refractive, and cataract surgeries. Similar to Shinagawa Japan, the branches in Metro Manila have the Ziemer LDV, Ziemer Z6, and Ziemer Z8.

Z8, the latest addition, makes eye procedures faster and safer for patients. Our clients can be assured that our doctors are properly trained to regulate the machine for surgeries.

Opting to use the Z8 for surgeries will not incur additional costs for our patients, as Shinagawa stays committed to making the best quality eye care treatments more accessible.

Those interested can visit the Shinagawa website to book a consultation: https://shinagawa.ph/