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The Difference Between Vision Screening And Comprehensive Eye Exam

You might’ve heard about the different examinations available for your eyes, but what exactly are they?

A lot of people with vision problems wonder if vision screening and comprehensive eye exam are the same. Basically, not exactly.

Those two types of eye tests present slightly different objectives. Let’s tackle both.

Vision Screening

A vision screening is a brief, general evaluation of a patient’s current visual health. The primary objective of this is to quickly determine if a patient is at risk of developing vision problems that can interfere with the life it is living. Also, it is key to know an eye grade of a patient to project a possible treatment, may it be wearing eyeglasses or further eye procedures.

Vision screenings normally measure visual acuity, determining whether a patient needs the use of corrective eyewear. An optometrist, pediatric eye care specialist and general physician are all qualified to perform eye screenings.

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Comprehensive Eye Exam

Comprehensive eye exams involve a more in-depth and extensive analysis of a patient’s eyes with the use of cutting-edge machines.

Undergoing a comprehensive eye exam at least every two years helps in the prompt identification of vision problems and their corresponding solutions. If one has a vision problem, it’s important to identify it as soon as possible and provide the appropriate treatment to avoid further eye problems and damages.

At Shinagawa, our advanced comprehensive eye checkup requires our patients to undergo various procedures to thoroughly analyze the different components of their eyes and map out specified treatments for them. Furthermore, our machines present the most advanced technology to accurately provide the best exams and results.

It is also an integral part in terms of determining whether a patient can be eligible for LASIK or not.

If you’re already having nagging visual problems, it’s definitely time for you to prioritize your eyes and have your comprehensive eye checkup at Shinagawa to see how we can provide the right treatment.

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