Good Accident: Pena Family Bonds For Brighter Visions at Shinagawa

Good Accident: Pena Family Bonds For Brighter Visions at Shinagawa

Chasing a brighter eyesight for a brighter tomorrow can certainly be an amazing family bonding.

Such was the case for the Pena family, as they went through life-changing experiences at Shinagawa to enhance their vision.

Joel Pena, a managing director, shared how he and his family had their unforgettable LASIK and Cataract treatments at Shinagawa. Apparently, not all accidents result in negativity.

For Joel, knowing Shinagawa is probably the best accident that happened to him and his loved ones.

“Shinagawa Clinic came to me by accident. It all started when my wife wanted to have LASIK operation as she was too tired of wearing eyeglasses and I went with her for a LASIK consultation.

A week before that, I was advised by an optometrist to seek the further consultation of my left eye for a possible cataract condition. True enough, Dr. Francis Guerrero confirmed the severity of the cataract and it needs an immediate operation,” shared Joel.

Joel went on to share how the window opened for their family to successfully regain their bright visions through LASIK and Cataract surgeries.

“It’s also a blessing that they have a tie-up with a credit card company which offers a one-year scheme to pay. With that, I immediately scheduled the cataract operation for my left eye as a doctor knows best.

Even my eldest son, a registered nurse, gave me an assurance that if I would undergo an operation, it was best at Shinagawa as they are authoritative when it comes to eye treatment, having encountered all kinds of eye defects and diseases. They handle eye cases without sweating at all.”

Joel credited his spot-on doctor for his and his son’s now-stunning eyesight.

“Don’t be intimidated by a towering look, a poker face and a calculated move, inside the operating room. I could feel Dr. Guerrero treated me not as a patient but as his brother with his light touch of hands, precise movement of the instrument and with no labor of pain.  He treated my second son, who only had two weeks of vacation from U.K., the same way. He (Dr. Guerrero) was willing to perform LASIK operation if my son gave him an assurance to see him the first day after the operation and a week after the operation because he did not want to put my son’s vision in peril and to give him a peace of mind that my son’s LASIK operation will be just fine when he gets back to U.K.

Before my operation, Rhonnie who is an assistant specialist was saying that it would be painless and the lens is state-of-the-art. True enough, it was painless and it was a great lens that after a day of my operation, I was the one driving the car from Cavite to Ortigas for my check-up. Do you know what comes next? I scheduled right away from my right eye, which is also developing a sign of a cataract. They cared for my eyes more than I care about it!”

Now with a bright vision once again, Joel lets go of his previous struggles completely.

“Since I was 17 years old, I have been wearing eyeglasses and from then on, I conditioned myself that “I and my eyeglass” will be together ‘til the rest of my life. After the operation, I can savor the freedom of not having to worry where to put my eyeglass and not seeing things clearly. What a relief!

Old habit is hard to die, I am still wearing eyeglass but this time, it’s a sunglass.”

Joel R. Pena

Managing Director,

One Apethusa Dream Food Corp.

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