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LASIK Makes Diving Easier For Chem Palarca

Being a diver isn’t easy when you have blurry vision. Chem Palarca attests to that.

“As a free-diver and multisport enthusiast, having a 450 myopic vision was definitely a challenge! Contact lenses are my go-to’s. There was always that fear that at any time if water would enter my mask or goggles it would affect my performance,” shared Chem.

She decided to make things easier for her by having LASIK.

“This year, with the lockdown and canceled races and dives, I decided to give myself something very special for my birthday… a LASIK surgery. Now, I have a 20/10 vision! I’m so ready and pumped up to train for my dives and races soon! Thank you, Shinagawa!”

Don’t make things more difficult for you if you live an active lifestyle. Brighter eyesight awaits you. Schedule your LASIK screening!

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