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Mika Reyes Opts For Brighter Vision Over Glasses & Contacts

As a professional volleyball player, Mika Reyes knows just how essential a brighter vision is in terms of upping her level of play even more.

She finally had LASIK to trade her glasses and contact lenses for a fresh brighter vision.

“I can definitely see clearer now! I feel so good! Everything’s super bright now minus the hassles of glasses and contacts,” expressed Mika, one of the country’s most popular volleybelles. “Ever since I was younger (since prep), I’ve had blurred vision, and writing down notes was a struggle for me then, I got some letters and words wrong. I had to wear glasses or contact lenses when playing. It helped but still felt like a struggle for me at some point so I’m very grateful I had Shinagawa’s ULTRA LASIK.”

Mika can now be at her sharpest self on and off the court as she enjoys a beyond-perfect vision. “It’s been a month since I had it done and I’m so proud to say, I now officially have 20/10 vision!

Definitely better than 20/20.”

“Finally, I got to the day that I don’t need glasses and contacts anymore. I promise, having LASIK is the best decision ever!”

If you’re an athlete with poor vision, don’t settle for less. You deserve a brighter vision for a better quality of play. Schedule your LASIK screening with us!

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