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Diving Into Love After LASIK: Ruth Alenaje


“When I had my LASIK in 2021, all I wanted was to have a clear vision. Little did I know that there’s much more ahead along with it — a new vision, new career, new hobby, and new love!

After my LASIK surgery- everything was clear to me. Not just my vision but also my perspective in life. I became more confident and fearless! I got accepted into a new company that I really want to work for; then I met this guy who encouraged me to try freediving, and later on, became the love of my life!

I was beyond grateful for the turn of events. To add to my surprise, he revealed that he also had LASIK at Shinagawa a few years ahead of me.

Everything became clearer: If I didn’t push myself to do the surgery, I wouldn’t be who I am right now. I might not be into diving and I wouldn’t have met him.”

LASIK is life-changing indeed!

– Ruth, 25 years old

LASIK Patient – 2021

LASIK has definitely allowed the couple to embark on an exciting hobby that became one of their favorite bonding moments — free diving.

Coincidence? Or Destiny?

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