Never Say Never: Juuya Reyes Achieves Clear Vision

Never Say Never: Juuya Reyes Achieves Clear Vision

Never say never. Indeed.

Juuya Reyes once thought that she might not be able to see clearly again. She’s wrong and she’s happy she is.

Sometimes, it’s better to be wrong and for this case, Shinagawa proved her that she can absolutely see clearly again.

Now, she’s beyond amazed that she enjoys a perfect vision that she once thought was not possible.

She breaks down every step of her LASIK journey to help other hopefuls as well:

“I never thought I’d be able to see clearly again.

My experience with Shinagawa was beyond fantastic. I came in at 9 a.m. to the clinic on a Saturday to have my screening. There was quite a queue since it’s a weekend but around 11 a.m., I was able to complete the tests.

During the test, they did the following:

  1. Eye checks in a well-lit room.
  2. Eyes checks in a dark room.
  3. Eye checks after dilating your pupils with drops (I have to wait for 1 hour for the drops to fully take effect before they do this).

After they announced to me that I am eligible for LASIK, I was scheduled to have my procedure done that afternoon. Why not immediately, you ask? Because they have to wait for my pupils to go back to normal size. I was asked to come back at 4:45 p.m. So we went to the mall to eat and stroll for a while.

We came back a bit early at around 3:45 p.m. and I was already asked to line-up in the pre-operation area. We waited for a few hours there while the team prepared the machines. I did not mind the time at all. This procedure is for your vision, after all. I’d rather have the doctors making sure that everything is perfect for the procedure.

By 6 p.m., I’m done! I can already tell the difference in my vision even if my eyes were still a bit hazy. I took the painkiller pills and rested, administered the eye drops as prescribed. The next day, my vision is crystal clear! The follow-up checkup told me I now have 20/10 vision! It was extraordinary!

Thank you so much to Kyle and Dr. Dela Cruz for the fantastic experience with Shinagawa. I am loving my clear vision!

Some tips for new patients:

  1. If you want to have your screening and procedure done on the same day, come early. While it is not guaranteed that you’ll be able to have your procedure done on the same day due to different factors (e.g. prior surgery schedules, type of procedure you’re going to avail), you’ll be able to have the screening done by before lunch. If you really want it done on the same day, just ask the staff nicely. They are very courteous and helpful!
  2. Bring something to occupy your time. Yes, there will be waiting. But if you have something to do, time passes by really quickly. I bought a book to read while waiting in the clinic and I honestly didn’t notice the hours pass.
  3. Be patient. Everyone in Shinagawa is working hard to provide you with the best experience, so please be nice and polite to the staff. Everyone hates waiting, but they are working on correcting a very sensitive part of our body. So instead of getting impatient and mad about the waiting time, think of it as them making sure that everything will go smoothly during your procedure. What is a couple of hours wait for a lifetime of clear vision?”

Juuya Reyes

Are You A Runner With Poor Vision? It Might Be Time For LASIK 1

Are You A Runner With Poor Vision? It Might Be Time For LASIK

Is running your passion but you’re having trouble because of your poor eyesight?

It’s probably time to sharpen your running game by sharpening your vision.

In running, whatever condition there may be, having a sharp vision with fewer distractions is certainly a luxury.

One of the biggest thrills that are attached to running is having to explore the beauty of the world as you go by the miles on the way to the finish line. But how can you have the best run and see the best the world has to offer when you don’t have a bright eyesight?

Are You A Runner With Poor Vision? It Might Be Time For LASIK 2

It’s tough to run with either glasses or contact lens as they tend to bother you naturally but on the other hand, going on without them will be even harder. There’s a chance you might overlook curbs or trip due to your limited vision.

While glasses give you the hassle, contact lens, on the other hand, irritate and dry your eyes every time you run outdoors.

For someone who has a very high description and is very active, ending up on your hands and knees should be a big no-no. You certainly would want no part of any injury!

Are You A Runner With Poor Vision? It Might Be Time For LASIK 3

Given all these reasons, maybe it’s probably time for you to seriously consider having LASIK to improve your running, more importantly, your vision for your long run, for the long run.

Keep running but stop running away from the best solution for your poor eyesight.

Maybe it’s time for you to explore LASIK for more mileage ahead. Let us help you with your running, contact our Patient Care Lines: (+632) 368 5238 l (+63) 917 862 7454 l (+63) 921 217 0517.

Trusting Shinagawa: Cynthia Carrion Bids Cataract Goodbye

Many would agree that trust is indeed a big word.

When it comes to the most important decisions in life, trust normally comes into play. The same can be said when it comes to health.

For a pro-active woman who lives her life to the fullest, Cynthia Lagdameo Carrion, 71, just could not afford to have a poor eyesight for long, given everything on her daily plate.

Cynthia Lagdameo with Dr. Jaime Dinglasan at Shinagawa-Makati


That’s why when cataract started to become a burden for a busy woman like Cynthia, she turned to Shinagawa and to her well-trusted eye expert, Dr. Jaime Dinglasan for her surgery.

Thankfully for the President of the Gymnastics Association of the Philippines, Executive Board of the Philippine Olympics Committee, Vice President (SEA ZONE) of Asian Gymnastics Union (AGU), Executive Member of FIG Women in Gymnastics Commission, Council Member of Council Member of Southeast Asian Games Federation, Managing Director of Advantage Sports & Leisure (ASL Co.) and CEO of Corregidor Foundation, that was the perfect answer.

“There are reasons why I have complete trust in Shinagawa and Dr. Jaime Dinglasan to take care of my eyes and vision,” shared Cynthia, before going on to cite why she trusted Shinagawa in the first place.

Before plunging into her cataract removal surgery at Shinagawa, Cynthia is already aware of the reasons why Shinagawa earned her trust in the first place.

Cynthia Lagdameo's Pre-Eye Screening before Cataract Surgery at Shinagawa PH

“First, they (Shinagawa) have the best and most modern technology for completing eye examinations and procedures. Secondly, they have shown their medical integrity by not undertaking procedures on recommended individuals as surgery was not appropriate. They are not just there to make money, but are there to provide a medical service with integrity. Thirdly, they are fully professional in their application and have a success record.”

This isn’t actually the first time that Cynthia had entrusted her eyes and vision to Dr. Dinglasan and Shinagawa. That’s why she knew what to expect.

“I already have had several eye surgical procedures with Dr. Dinglasan – LASIK and now, Cataract surgery. I will only be an endorser for products or services I have known from personal experience. I, therefore, have no hesitation in recommending Dr. Dinglasan and the Shinagawa Clinic,” happily expressed Cynthia.

Cynthia Lagdameo's Eye Check-Up

A health enthusiast, Cynthia has spent her life promoting sports, fitness, health, and wellness not only in the Philippines but throughout the world as well. She is a staunch advocate and a key mover in the Philippine Sports community.

Cynthia is also a top-notch government official who have served several agencies since 2001 all the way to present aside from being an advocate in promoting the welfare of marginalized sector, especially those of women and children through her active involvement and dedication.

For the safest and most efficient Cataract Surgery, you can certainly put your trust in Shinagawa. To start your own journey back to a brighter vision, reach us through our Patient Care Lines: (+632) 368 5238 l (+63) 917 862 7454 l (+63) 921 217 0517

Good Accident: Pena Family Bonds For Brighter Visions at Shinagawa

Good Accident: Pena Family Bonds For Brighter Visions at Shinagawa

Chasing a brighter eyesight for a brighter tomorrow can certainly be an amazing family bonding.

Such was the case for the Pena family, as they went through life-changing experiences at Shinagawa to enhance their vision.

Joel Pena, a managing director, shared how he and his family had their unforgettable LASIK and Cataract treatments at Shinagawa. Apparently, not all accidents result in negativity.

For Joel, knowing Shinagawa is probably the best accident that happened to him and his loved ones.

“Shinagawa Clinic came to me by accident. It all started when my wife wanted to have LASIK operation as she was too tired of wearing eyeglasses and I went with her for a LASIK consultation.

A week before that, I was advised by an optometrist to seek the further consultation of my left eye for a possible cataract condition. True enough, Dr. Francis Guerrero confirmed the severity of the cataract and it needs an immediate operation,” shared Joel.

Joel went on to share how the window opened for their family to successfully regain their bright visions through LASIK and Cataract surgeries.

“It’s also a blessing that they have a tie-up with a credit card company which offers a one-year scheme to pay. With that, I immediately scheduled the cataract operation for my left eye as a doctor knows best.

Even my eldest son, a registered nurse, gave me an assurance that if I would undergo an operation, it was best at Shinagawa as they are authoritative when it comes to eye treatment, having encountered all kinds of eye defects and diseases. They handle eye cases without sweating at all.”

Joel credited his spot-on doctor for his and his son’s now-stunning eyesight.

“Don’t be intimidated by a towering look, a poker face and a calculated move, inside the operating room. I could feel Dr. Guerrero treated me not as a patient but as his brother with his light touch of hands, precise movement of the instrument and with no labor of pain.  He treated my second son, who only had two weeks of vacation from U.K., the same way. He (Dr. Guerrero) was willing to perform LASIK operation if my son gave him an assurance to see him the first day after the operation and a week after the operation because he did not want to put my son’s vision in peril and to give him a peace of mind that my son’s LASIK operation will be just fine when he gets back to U.K.

Before my operation, Rhonnie who is an assistant specialist was saying that it would be painless and the lens is state-of-the-art. True enough, it was painless and it was a great lens that after a day of my operation, I was the one driving the car from Cavite to Ortigas for my check-up. Do you know what comes next? I scheduled right away from my right eye, which is also developing a sign of a cataract. They cared for my eyes more than I care about it!”

Now with a bright vision once again, Joel lets go of his previous struggles completely.

“Since I was 17 years old, I have been wearing eyeglasses and from then on, I conditioned myself that “I and my eyeglass” will be together ‘til the rest of my life. After the operation, I can savor the freedom of not having to worry where to put my eyeglass and not seeing things clearly. What a relief!

Old habit is hard to die, I am still wearing eyeglass but this time, it’s a sunglass.”

Joel R. Pena

Managing Director,

One Apethusa Dream Food Corp.

Fun Facts You Need to Know about LASIK 1

Fun Facts You Need to Know about LASIK

As you might know or heard, LASIK (Laser-Assisted In Situ Keratomileusis) is one of the most in-demand surgeries worldwide for good reasons.

Not surprisingly, people bank on LASIK to instantly enhance their vision and improve their everyday way of living. If you’re someone who’s curious about LASIK and wondering what it can do for you, it’s best for you to know some facts about LASIK.

LASIK for Eyes

Know what the fuzz is about, here are some interesting facts that you need to know about LASIK:

1. LASIK is a tested, trusted and safe treatment that has been regularly practiced and used for over 25 years already to effectively help people achieve an enhanced vision and out of their eyeglasses and contact lenses.

2. Literally, LASIK’s primary definition is sculpting of the cornea.

Amy Perez for LASIK

3. Basically, LASIK eye surgery is painless. You’ll barely feel anything at all!

4. LASIK is such a quick procedure that it only takes around 10 minutes to complete it for both eyes. In just seconds, the laser part of the procedure is over and done with.

5. Take this, a patient can actually return right away to work a day after having LASIK. That’s how fast and convenient the procedure is!

Fun Facts You Need to Know about LASIK

6. Following LASIK, you can kiss your eyeglasses and contact lenses goodbye as you won’t be needing them anymore with your brand new enhanced vision.

7. The laser used in the LASIK surgery does not provide you a risk of being blind.

8. LASIK has the ability to correct multiple eye conditions such as astigmatism (irregularly shaped cornea), myopia (nearsightedness), hyperopia (farsightedness) and presbyopia (loss of reading vision).

Fun Facts You Need to Know about LASIK 2

9. LASIK is proved to be a very safe procedure. There is actually more risk of vision loss from contact lens infection than LASIK.

10. LASIK aspirants should be at least 18 years old and beyond that, there’s actually no age limit. It all depends on screenings to see if one can be a candidate for LASIK.

So if you’re looking for facts and reasons that will convince you to improve your life through LASIK, we hope that these factors help.

Now having a deeper knowledge of LASIK, the ball is in your hands.

Know everything about LASIK and have it at Shinagawa, contact our Patient Care Lines: (+632) 368 5238 l (+63) 917 862 7454 l (+63) 921 217 0517.