Miracle Vision: Adrian Milag’s Wife’s Road to Bright Eyesight

Miracle Vision: Adrian Milag’s Wife’s Road to Bright Eyesight

The best signs always lead you to the right direction.

In the case of Brother Adrian Milag’s wife, Rhianne a prayer for some guidance went a long way as her wish has been granted — a clear eyesight.

“Last February, we visited Saint Padre Pio’s Garden in Bacolod. That time, my wife (Rhianne) told me that she’s asking for Padre Pio to pray for her to have a clear eyesight,” shared Adrian, a preacher and Catholic Vlogger, along with his wife.

Adrian narrated how much his wife struggled with her vision, which almost became legally blind.

“Back then, sobrang taas na nung eyesight niya (wife), papasok na sa PWD. That’s why she’s been asking the Lord to miraculously give her a better eyesight even though it seemed impossible.”

Only one gift made sense for Adrian to give to his wife.

“And then, I was thinking of a good gift for her then I came across LASIK. I knew in my heart gusto ko i-regalo sa kanya ay ang ipa-LASIK siya. Now, my wife has 20/12 vision!”

That’s why the couple if beyond thankful for the miracle that happened.

“Thank you so much for a superb and world-class service, Shinagawa!”

Nothing is impossible. Let’s take a look at your eyes and do wonders for you.

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