Shyrla Nunez

Shyrla Nunez: Happier Beauty Queen & Dentist After LASIK

If you’re pondering to have LASIK for years now, you might now know what to do. Do it!

Shyrla Nunez, a do-it-all beauty queen and dentist, did just that after years of contemplating, helping her careers in the process.

“I have been thinking about having Lasik eye surgery for years now ever since I started my practice as a dentist and training also as a beauty queen,” confessed Shyrla. “My nearsightedness made me struggle with working on simple procedures on patients—at the end of the day, my eyes would get strained and my back would hurt because I struggle with proper posture when working.”

And then, she finally had LASIK.

“After LASIK, both my astigmatism and nearsightedness were corrected and when I treated patients, I am able to practice proper posture without struggling to see what I’m doing. There was no pain during the procedure and I am able to work the following day.”

Shyrla also shared that despite not having a companion during her LASIK day, she was still able to get through comfortably as she was well taken care of.

“I had no companion the day I had surgery but the staff were kind enough to assist me to book my ride home. All my concerns were addressed by the attending doctors and I felt very safe and well-accommodated even post-op. Thank you for the quality service, Shinagawa.”

Just like that, you can turn your struggles to comfort by having LASIK!

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