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All About Beauty Rest And Sleep

Most girls talk about the need to get their usual beauty rest or beauty sleep to be more energized and fresh. But what should you know about beauty rest? Is it really that effective?

True enough, there are many benefits that come from getting enough shut-eye, and it turns out, there’s a reason it is called beauty sleep.

Beauty sleep is a real thing. It presents a lot of positives for you, both from an overall health standpoint up to your beauty and wellness.

When you sleep well and enough, your stress hormone (cortisol) goes down and your sleep hormone (melatonin) goes up. Your body and your skin are in repair mode. That means the night time gives your skin the opportunity to recover from any day time damage.

What are the amazing benefits do having a proper beauty sleep present?

Fewer wrinkles

Time might be passing as we’re sound asleep, but our skin’s clock turns backward during that time.

Lessened signs of aging

More sleep, more youthful you. Sleeping on your back properly helps you lessen signs of aging.

Brighter eyes

Lack of restorative sleep can leave your eyes looking puffy in the morning.

More effect from skincare products

The deeper layers of your skin are working at night to repair damage from the environmental stressors they encounter all day long. Your skin is also working to build new collagen, which keeps your skin firm and smooth.

Healthier, stronger and longer hair

Beauty sleep actually contributes to beautiful, fuller hair, too. Sleep is actually needed for proper protein synthesis of your hair and it can impact your hormones, which will also have an impact on your hair’s growth and appearance.

Youthful, glowing skin

When we sleep, our skin is busy healing itself from the damage we might have sustained in the day from UV rays or pollution. Studies show that new skin cells grow faster while you sleep.

Given those proven benefits, you should now look at your sleeping habits and make sure that you get enough to get some beauty gains.

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