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Allyza Llabres Had The Guts To Have Brighter Vision

Sometimes, it’s all about finding the guts to do life-changing things that can make everything better.

“So glad that I finally had the guts to have LASIK! Four-eyes no more!” shared Allyza Anne Llabres, a recent patient of Shinagawa BGC.

She shared her methodical and precise LASIK experience at the country’s premier eye center.

“I underwent ULTRA LASIK at Shinagawa BGC recently on a one-day process (screening and surgery on the same day). The procedure was really fast and I felt secure and safe throughout. My vision was indeed bright the very next day!”

Alyzza now enjoys her 20/12 vision to the fullest.

“I’m truly happy with my 20/12 vision! Thank you so much, Shinagawa!”

Have the guts to change your life for the better, too! Schedule your LASIK screening for a start!

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