How ICL Rescued Jayco Calandria’s Flailing Vision

Is your eye grade around 1,000 already?

Don’t feel hopeless. Something can most certainly be done for you to gain a bright vision.

When it seemed hopeless, we found a way to give Jayco Angelo Calandria, who had lots of visual issues, a bright vision for him to enjoy life better again.

“For the past 14 years, I’ve been wearing eyeglasses. My eye grade right then was 1,000 for both eyes and I also have a thin cornea, high myopia, and astigmatism,” shared Jayco, who is a dedicated government employee.

The answer was Implantable Contact Lens (ICL). It saved Jayco’s vision and enabled him to see in HD again.

“Having ICL is the best investment that you could give yourself and it’s also the best decision I ever made! Now, it’s time to celebrate freedom from eyeglasses! I can now see the world clearly with happiness!”

Jayco also shared just how frustrating and difficult it was for him with his previous visual struggles before having ICL.

“I’m always annoyed with my foggy eyeglasses. I can’t even wear shared or can’t do small activities like playing basketball. In short, I can’t even enjoy without wearing eyeglasses.”

“I can’t express how happy I can about the result of my ICL! It is life-changing! I highly recommend Shinagawa Lasik Center! Thank you for delivering the best eye care!”

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