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Taking A Friend’s Word Went A Long Way for Czarina Pare

Want others to enjoy life in HD just like you? Recommend LASIK to your loved ones, too!

Czarina Mae Pare, a home-based Online ESL Teacher, shared that her companion’s recommended LASIK and Shinagawa, which indeed went a long way.

“I was recommended to have LASIK screening by a friend who had her LASIK two years ago. She had an excellent experience. I had my LASIK screening and procedure on the same day,” bared Czarina.

“I had my ULTRA LASIK procedure at Shinagawa, and my current vision is 20/10! Is it life-changing it? Definitely! Is it worth it? Oh, absolutely! Big thanks to Shinagawa; you made my whole experience a breeze!”

Czarina also shared how Shinagawa’s prolific team made a difference in making her LASIK experience smooth.

“I was guided well by the clinic staff, who were accommodating and informative. Kudos from the receptionist to the nurses and doctors! Don’t know if they noticed, but they were able to put me at ease.”

She might have answered some LASIK questions, but the whole experience does a lot more to improve your or a loved one’s life.

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