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Freedom Reigns For Bes Sanchez

Freedom never felt this good and satisfying for Bes Sanchez.

“I feel free without fearing of not seeing everything clearly without my eyeglasses. I can see the difference as I am able to see everything clearly – especially my loved ones and everything around me,” shared Bes, who now enjoys a 20/16 vision.

“I had my ULTRA LASIK ADVANCE done in Shinagawa BGC. I was liberated from the challenges of wearing eyeglasses – blurs from moist, nose, and ear bruises, to the disappointments of rising astigmatism, headaches, and yearly eye check-up for the change/updating of eyeglasses. I can move freely since I no longer have to worry that my eyeglasses will fall off.”

Happy and satisfied with her LASIK results, Bes has nothing but wonderful things to say about her Shinagawa journey.

“Having my LASIK done at Shinagawa was one of the best decisions I’ve done in my life. Aside from it being life-changing, the entire experience was really pleasant and remarkable. The technology they are using is the latest. Most of all, everyone was really caring and hospitable,” bared Bes.

“I am extremely happy with the result. Even if my eye grade was not really high since it is just 125 – 150, my astigmatism was higher. As of my last check-up, my vision is at 20 /16, which I can say is clearer than my husband’s 20/20.”

Your own road to freedom can start by scheduling your LASIK screening with us!

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