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What Is The ‘Danger Triangle Of The Face’?

Never pop a pimple on your nose or near your mouth.

There’s a health-related reason for this.

The section of your face from the bridge of your nose to the corners of your mouth is sometimes known as the “danger triangle of the face,” or even the “triangle of death.” And it’s one place where you should never pop a pimple, as it can lead to an infection in your brain.

What’s so dangerous about the danger triangle?

Think of this small segment of your face as a direct line to your brain. That’s thanks to your cavernous sinus, a network of large veins located behind your eye sockets. Through this sinus, blood drains from your brain.

An infection in the danger triangle — like from a picked pimple, or a nose piercing went wrong — has a small but not impossible chance of traveling from your face right to your brain, without much distance to cover between them.

There is the possibility for a facial infection to become an infection that impacts the rest of your body.

Should you avoid popping a pimple there?

You should always avoid popping pimples. Doing so can lead to inflammation, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, and scarring — and, of course, infection.

And you should especially avoid popping a pimple in the danger triangle, lessening your chances of an infection that spreads farther. It can be hard to resist the urge to pick, but it’s best to let zits run their course.

Better yet, it’s even more advisable to consult our dermatologist for your pimple issues.

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