Dr. Paolo Hector Luz: Brighter Vision, More Fun

Dr. Paolo Hector Luz: Brighter Vision, More Fun

Living an active lifestyle and the desire to be the best ophthalmologist he can be prompted our very own Dr. Paolo Hector Luz MD-MBA to have his own LASIK journey.

“Having LASIK helped me in lots of ways, particularly with my hobbies and profession as an ophthalmologist,” shared Dr. Luz, one of several Shinagawa ophthalmologists who had LASIK.

“Doing exercises and sports (basketball and cycling) are much easier now for me. As for my profession, everything became more comfortable minus the glasses.”

Even though he is an experienced doctor that knew what to expect from LASIK, the Shinagawa journey itself still surprised him in a lot of ways.

“Even as an ophthalmologist myself, I was still surprised with how fast the recovery period was after I had my LASIK,” he added.

“I was able to return to my activities a day or two after. Everything was back to normal right away.”

Be at your best both in your personal and professional activities. Follow Dr. Luz’s lead and have your own LASIK journey!

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