Maria "Rein" Soledad

Maria “Rein” Soledad: Goodbye Glasses, Goodbye Struggles

Wearing eyeglasses all the time isn’t exactly the most comfortable feeling, especially if you’ve been at it for the longest time.

No wonder, more and more people would want a more comfortable life minus eyeglasses.

“Having my LASIK done at Shinagawa was a life-changing decision as I was finally able to bid goodbye to my eyeglasses!” shared Maria “Rein” Soledad, another happy Shinagawa patient who is now living life in HD minus the specs.

“I’ve been struggling in terms of wearing eyeglasses since I was in elementary. After having Z Prime LASIK, I can see things clearly now!”

Maria bared how LASIK gave her the comfort in life that she’s been longing for.

“No more struggles for me and it’s safer to drive. I’m enjoying simple things with a clearer vision. LASIK is a worth it lifetime investment! It was a quick road to crystal clear vision!”

You can also bid your eyeglasses goodbye once and for all. Schedule your LASIK screening now!

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