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Mharinet Guevarra: Bright is Precious

How precious is regaining bright vision after a long time of blurriness? It is very precious for Mharinet Guevarra.

“From 475/500 vision to 20/16 real quick! Having LASIK is one of the best decisions and one of the best gifts I’ve given to myself!” expressed Mharinet. 

Moreover, she points out the certain advantages that a bright eyesight give her.

“Life-changing as they say! Now, I wake up with clear vision, not needing to put my glasses first. I can now recognize people from afar, can read stuff from afar and can see everything so clearly. “

“For a person who started losing her clear vision at a young age, being able to get it back is so precious. I really am thankful to have it back, even better with 20/16 vision!”

She narrated her longtime struggles with poor vision.

“I started wearing glasses back in 2010, when I was in second year High School. That time, I think I had 75/125 vision. I started with corrective glasses due to astigmatism, but every time I get my vision checked, it keeps getting higher.”

“Fast forward to college when I start to use contact lenses as an alternative. For me, it’s more convenient to move around with it. I got used to the hassle of putting it on and removing it at the end of the day but most days I experienced having dry eyes. I think it has been very unhealthy for my eyes since I sometimes exceed 8 hours of wearing it.”

Once again, LASIK made it all possible.

“Big thanks to Shinagawa Lasik Center for taking care of my eyes, needless to say I worry less knowing that I’m in good hands. Thank you for the life-changing experience!”

Have more precious moments with a brighter vision. Schedule your LASIK screening!

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