Rachel Ann Trinidad From LASIK Nurse to LASIK Patient

Rachel Ann Trinidad: From LASIK Nurse to LASIK Patient

Despite being a nurse assisting on LASIK procedures, it took some time before Rachel Ann Trinidad finally had the surgery done on herself.

It took Shinagawa and its prolific reputation to finally convince here to have ULTRA LASIK and achieve bright vision once and for all.

“It’s LEGIT! ULTRA LASIK is indeed LIFE-CHANGING! The only regret I have is, WHY JUST NOW?!” expressed Rachel.

“I endured 25 years wearing glasses and contact lenses, and even assisted LASIK procedures for years as a nurse back then— but I was so hesitant to undergo this procedure. With all your success stories and outstanding services, I finally said YES to have my normal vision back!”

With a restored vision, Rachel couldn’t be more thankful.


“Everything was just so smooth, efficient and flawless! From inquiring, screening to same-day surgery! All their staff were amicable, you will have all your worries and nervousness fade away.”

“I was really in awe and grateful for their exemplary commitment to all their patients!! In SHINAGAWA, the world is now so much brighter! With much love and regards, Rachel Ann Trinidad, PHRN, USRN”

Don’t have the same regret as she did. Have LASIK the soonest and live life better!

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