Jobet Alves Marching On To A Brighter Future

Jobet Alves: Marching On To A Brighter Future

Graduation is a big accomplishment and a stepping stone for bigger things ahead for most people.

As Jobet Alves, a Speech-Language Pathology graduate of 2023, looks forward to take on med school, he made sure to achieve one more thing to prepare him for what lies ahead — brighter vision!

Now armed with a perfect vision after having SMART LASIK, sky is the limit for Jobet as he aims to be a future doctor.

“It (bright vision) will help me a lot as a budding and aspiring doctor,” shared Jobet, who recently graduated from the University of Santo Tomas. “I’m looking forward to help future patients soon in an efficient manner.”

Jobet is now ready to embark on his new adventure with his 20/20 vision but the question is are you?

As we congratulate all graduates, we encourage all of you to achieve your dreams easier by having LASIK for a better vision!

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