LASIK Blog Story of Ricel Diaz - Ricel Diaz: Finally, Visual Freedom

Ricel Diaz: Finally, Visual Freedom

Finally. That’s the first word that came out of Ricel Diaz’s mouth after finally getting the clarity she was seeking for.

“Finally! No more blurred faces. No more eyeglasses. No more contact lenses,” expressed Ricel, a cashier and receptionist. “From 200 eye grade and 175 astigmatism, I now have 20/16 vision!”

“I’ve been using all of them (glasses and contacts) for more than 10 years of my life. I honestly say that this is one of my greatest experiences ever!”

Ricel couldn’t be more grateful for the life-changing experience.

“Thank you so much for making my eyes clearer, Shinagawa! I can now see and read everything clearly without putting on any contact lenses or eyeglasses.”

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