Knowing More About Allergic Conjunctivitis

Knowing More About Allergic Conjunctivitis

Allergic conjunctivitis, a common type of eye infection that affects the conjunctiva, is the inflammation caused by an allergic reaction to substances like pollens and mold spores. 

The membrane inside your eyelids conjunctiva is sensitive to allergens. It is a bodily reaction to outside and harmful potential threats. The body tends to protect itself from any invasion.

Symptoms of Allergic conjunctivitis

This is a temporary condition in which you may have red, itchy and watery eyes. There is a constant burning sensation when you wake up in the morning along with puffy eyes. Sometimes people also have a watery nose. This is caused due to environmental factors.

There is another type of allergic conjunctivitis known as chronic allergic conjunctivitis which stays all year round. It is your body’s reaction to dust, animal dander and food, chemical scents and spices. The symptoms remain the same and your eyes become more sensitive to light changes. Sometimes, a certain medicine can also react and trigger the problem such as contact lens solution and even eye drops.

Treatment of Allergic conjunctivitis

Mostly the eye doctor will do an examination of your eyes apart from testing your skin and body for other kinds of allergies to understand the body’s reaction. In certain cases, the eye doctor may also advise for a blood test to check if the patient’s body is producing sufficient number of antigens to protect itself.

It is advised that one should keep the house and the atmosphere clean and dust-free. One should avoid rubbing eyes and it is advisable to use a cool compress to reduce inflammation and itchiness. The eye doctor may also advise you to use anti-inflammatory eye drops, eye drops that help to shrink congested blood vessels, steroid eye drops depending your condition.

There is no permanent cure for this disease and it will trigger when the symptoms are unfavorable. Precaution is the best medicine.

If you have symptoms, you have to visit an eye doctor right away. Ours are always ready to help!

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