Signs of Premature Aging You Cant Miss

Signs of Premature Aging You Can’t Miss

Our skin naturally starts to show signs of aging around our late twenties to early thirties, which is when our body’s collagen production starts slowing down at a rate of about 1% per year. Crow’s feet around the eyes, fine lines on the skin, and bodily aches and pains are all signs that the years are taking their toll on our bodies. 

But other signs of aging often go unnoticed by us – and we’ll be going over some of them.


The skin on our chest tends to be equally exposed to sun, wind and other environmental factors as our face, and it doesn’t help that at the same time the skin on our chests is thinner than the skin on our necks. This is one area that will be among some of the first places on your body to show signs of aging. So it’s a good idea to show the skin on your neck some love, too! Make sure you bring all your skincare down to your neck and chest, including your retinol, vitamin C serum and moisturizer. And make sure you always apply a generous serving of sunscreen to your neck and chest before heading outdoors.


As we age, our skin’s collagen production slows down, leading to depleted levels of hyaluronic acid, ceramides and elastin in our skin. Our lips become drier and more deflated with age as a result. Nobody wants to be seen with lips that look shriveled and wrinkled like a prune. Wearing a hydrating lip mask to bed is a good idea as it will help moisturize your lips while you sleep, and you can also exfoliate your lips with a lip scrub every once a week or so. And above all else – invest in a lip balm that contains SPF to protect your skin against the sun’s UV rays which are the leading cause of skin aging.

Under Eyes

The thinnest skin on our face is the skin on our under-eyes. This is why our under-eyes are the first to give us away if we’ve pulled an all-nighter or had lots of salty food to eat; they’re extremely susceptible to puffiness, dryness, and swelling as a result of water retention in the body. Our under-eyes are also the place where our first wrinkles appear in the form of crow’s feet. Luckily, there are a few things you can do to keep the skin on your under-eyes firm and supple. Vitamin C and retinol serums help the body’s collagen production, so applying them on your under-eyes can help thicken the skin there, making dark circles less visible and delaying the onset of fine lines around the eyes. A rich eye cream will also help replenish moisture in the under-eye area, preventing fine lines that form as a result of dehydration.

While it’s commendable to look after your skin, the idea is to embrace your skin as it ages with you, not to hate it for changing with the years! Aging is part of a normal, healthy life: it tells the world that we have lived, laughed and loved, and acquired a great deal of wisdom through the years too. Just remember that products like retinol and vitamin C serums and eye creams, and procedures like Botox and fillers are to help you look like the best version of yourself. But none of these things can stop the natural aging process. If you didn’t age, something would have to be seriously wrong with you!

Still, you can still look and be youthful despite getting up there in age. Our dermatologists can help!

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