Risk of Wearing Cheap and Fake Braces

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In the Philippines, Dental Braces for teens have gone from stigma (that only nerds wear braces). In recent years, orthodontics became a fashion trend and a status symbol for teenagers but since wearing orthodontic braces cost a fortune, some teens would opt to wear fake braces that can be bought at online shops, street vendors or to a non professional orthodontics to keep up with the emerging trend.

But what are the risks of wearing cheap and fake braces?

  • Wearer is prone to poisoning because of the possible toxic chemicals used in the rubber bands or lead in the metals.
  • It may cause choking since the braces can slip into the wearer’s throat during fitting.
  • It may cause tooth decay and discoloration due to the adhesive used to attach the braces.
  • Possible severe inflammation and infection can occur when the blood supply to gums are cut off.

It is highly recommended to consult a professional orthodontics when getting a braces and also to avoid possible harmful effects from wearing a cheap and fake braces.

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  1. Carol
    Carol says:

    Is it okay to wear retainer which looks like braces? My nephew was put by a dentist with retainer which looks like a braces but no history of wearing brace. The one I know is they will put only a retainer after wearing a braces.


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