How Your Eyes Show Your Personality

Ever wonder why we all have different eye shapes? Aside from the fact that we have diverse races, our eye shape is said to be a reflection of our personality. Our eyes do not only allow us to see the beauty of the world but it also serves as an expression of who we are inside.

To know what kind of person you are, check the chart below to know your eye shape:

Eye Shapes Chart

Almond-Shaped Eyes

People with almond-shaped eyes are known for their calm nature. These are the people tend to keep their cool despite the stress. They are generally known for their warm and kind spirit, however, they may also be afraid to take chances and tend to worry about changes. Adding to their positive personality is their desire of living a balanced life.

Protruding Eyes

Those people who enjoy leaping out of the box have protruding eyes. Despite their creative and fun nature, they are often direct and insensitive. However, their emotions are often visible and sometimes, they decide based on their sentiments. They are less likely to be realists and tend to spend most of their time galloping inside their imagination.

Hooded Eyes

Despite having hooded eyes, these people are the keenest to details. They make sure that everything is in place and every element is perfect. They prefer to hang out alone and would rather read a book on a Friday night than go to a party. Their focused and sharp mind makes it easier for them to accomplish a task. Generally, they are known to be skillful people who do everything with careful thinking.

Closed Set Eyes

People with closed set eyes are also focused and disciplined. However, they are not as calm and they tend to worry under stress. They find it hard to adapt to change since they tend to be traditional. These short-tempered people also give importance to details and their energy makes it easier for them to socialize.

Wide Set Eyes

Meanwhile, people having wide-set eyes are the opposite. It is very easy for them to cope up with change. In fact, they are adventurous and they love to look at other options. They hate routines and would rather travel the world than work in the office. Generally, they don’t worry over every detail in life.

Downturned eyes

Lastly, people with eyes that stick out from their sockets, or those with downturned eyes, are the type of people which you can keep as friends for a long time. These people would rather spend quality time with their loved ones or with a small group of friends than with a bigger group.

Our eyes are indeed the window to our soul. In a way, they may express our feelings and emotions with just a glance but little did we know that our eye shape may reveal who we are inside.

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