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LASIK Eliminates Bont Bryan’s Struggles With Glasses

Online influencer Bont Bryan Oropel recently found out that he had a high degree of astigmatism, forcing him to wear eyeglasses uncomfortably.

“I’ve had my eyes checked and the reason why I often had headaches was because of a very high astigmatism,” Bont shared.

While others struggled with blurry vision for lots of years, Bont did not want to prolong his agony.

As soon as he knew his eye condition upon checkup, he spared himself some extra difficulties and went for the most reliable solution for good, LASIK.

“I’m not used to wearing eyeglasses that much, the struggle was really real. So I searched and found a way to get rid of my glasses — with LASIK, which was completely painless,” Bont added.

For him, there’s only one option in terms of where he wants to have LASIK.

Watch his LASIK Vlog here.

“I went to Shinagawa to have LASIK than the very next day, I already have bright eyesight again. I am very thankful! LASIK is life-changing.”

“When it comes to LASIK, Shinagawa is the most trusted that’s why I never had any doubt. From 150/125, I know have a 20/12 vision!”

Meeting his expectations, accordingly, LASIK was able to deliver Bont a more comfortable life.

“Now, it feels so good to wake up with everything bright. I can now see the world clearly without any struggles. This should be the sign for you as well to have LASIK! It’s a very good investment.”

Yes, you can do yourself a favor and eliminate the struggles of blurry vision with LASIK.

Schedule your LASIK screening at Shinagawa now!

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