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The Gibbs Guide: LASIK Experience At Shinagawa

Being performers and influencers are no easy task, especially if you have blurry vision.

Gibbs sisters Gabs and Chi are no strangers to the struggles of the everyday grind due to poor eyesight.

“We always had a hard time seeing things during events and interviews. We can’t see the crowd when we perform. It was that blurry” bared Gabs.

“I always get nervous in times when we need to read from the prompter. I know I won’t see the prompter. The thing with glasses is not every outfit matches them”, added Chi.

Good thing for them, they finally got the breakthrough that they needed by deciding to have LASIK at Shinagawa to fix all their visual woes. Aside from the need for it, they shared the factors that made them decide to do so.

“It was the perfect time for us to do LASIK since we’re in quarantine and we’re at home most of the time. We saw a bunch of videos of people we know who went to Shinagawa for LASIK and that really convinced us. We saw all the videos of Mimiyuuuhhh, David (Guison), and Anne (Curtis),” shared Chi.

“We got the ULTRA LASIK, which is the procedure that gives you the quickest time to recover,” said Gabs. “Since my astigmatism was so high, I used to have headaches most of the time. After LASIK, I haven’t had headaches since.”

Now experiencing the comfort and better quality of life that LASIK gave, Gabs has friendly advice for those who are struggling with blurry vision.

“LASIK is a serious thing to think about. It’s a long-term thing. It’s something to save up for!”

Let the Gibbs’ happy LASIK experience be your guide! Watch their vlog here.

Solve your nagging vision problems with the help of LASIK. Call our Patient Care Lines: (+632) 7-368 5238 l (+63) 917 862 7454 l (+63) 921 217 0517 for inquiries and appointments.

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