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Brighter Vision, Better Version Of Self

Nikki Laynes, one of our most recent patients, gives a good account of how having LASIK and brighter eyesight have helped her in a lot of facets of life.

She shares just how monumental her experience was and how a brighter vision instantly made her a better version of herself.

“I was supposed to be on a month-long vacation in September 2020, but due to COVID and the unexpected breakup, now I have depression and some extra travel funds. I was thinking about my life goals as a single lady, and as my friends were discussing Lasik, it was as if a light bulb suddenly clicked! What other way to immediately improve me than to have better eyesight! It’s my early Christmas gift for myself.

So I started searching for a good clinic, wrote a shortlist comparing different ones, but it was Shinagawa who kept popping up in my Facebook feed. It has comparable prices with others but promises a 5-year warranty and excellent standards. There was a cheaper, less reputable clinic actually, but I didn’t want to risk my eyesight just because I want to save a few thousand pesos!

After contacting their FB messenger, they were very patient with all my queries. They didn’t rush me but offered me alternatives and promotions so I can get the best deal. I told them I was still feeling under the weather due to the breakup, and they were understanding. The person who assisted me said that I’ll find someone better, now that my eyesight will be much clearer (didn’t happen yet, but I’m optimistic)!

I went to Shinagawa Makati on a Saturday morning. Going alone for a checkup and surgery is intimidating for someone alone. But the staff were courteous and accommodating, and were fast, professional, and efficient. Their facilities are also well-maintained, clean, and COVID-compliant. At noon, I was informed I was qualified after the screening process and was advised to take the Z Prime LASIK option due to my astigmatism. At 3 pm, I had my operation, and half an hour later, I went home, took a rest for the next 12 hours, and was already feeling much better the next morning. I went back the next day for the mandatory check-up, then started working the following day. It was an excellent weekend activity!

I can’t imagine having bad eyesight now. But I remember it was such a hassle! Sometimes I didn’t recognize people, and they thought I’m suplada. Every day, I had to prepare my contact lens, the solution, the backup solution, and the container in my office handbag, and then my eyeglasses. Sometimes I lost my contacts and eyeglasses too. It was so much worse when I’m traveling and on long-haul trips! I had to pack so many things in my carry-on and check-in luggage. And how was I supposed to enjoy the beach with my eyeglasses? And what about during emergencies? I don’t want to wander half-blind when there are storms and earthquakes! Even now that we are in a pandemic, I’m happy that at least I don’t have to wear eyeglasses to put on under my face shield.

Right now I feel like I’m ready for anything – Life, Love, Career, Emergencies. My only regret? That I didn’t do this 10 years ago!”

Have a brighter vision and a better version of yourself too!

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