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Sanya Lopez: Better Vision, Better Actress

Sanya Lopez emphasized the difficulties she encountered in acting and in life when she had poor eyesight.

According to her, having blurry vision prior to having LASIK wasn’t exactly the easiest of times.

“As an actress, it really is difficult having poor eyesight. I find it tough to quickly recognize people I encounter every day that’s why I always needed to wear glasses or contacts,” shared Sanya.

“During tapings, I find it really hard to act well with contact lenses on, especially in crying scenes. Even in hosting jobs, it was hard for me to read the spiels. At the same time, I was also unable to fully appreciate the wonderful views when traveling abroad.”

Feeling the everyday challenges of having a blurry vision became too much of an inconvenience for her, prompting her to go to Shinagawa to seek a better quality of life.

“The hardest part for me was everything was slowed down because of my eyes and vision. That’s why I’m very happy that I found out about Shinagawa Lasik Center. LASIK was life-changing!”

Sanya now shares her astounding vision after LASIK and wants more people to experience the same comfort that she experiences now.

“Now, I have a 20/10 vision! And now, I can finally see the world clearly! So for those who have blurry vision, this is it! I promise you, your vision will be very bright!”

Eliminate the difficulties your poor vision is giving you. Make life better and easier by having LASIK!

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