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    Is Proffee (Protein + Coffee) A Healthy Weight-loss Drink? | Shinagawa Pharmacy Blog

    Proffee = Protein + Coffee: Is it A Healthy Weight-loss Drink?

    There’s a new trend brewing on TikTok and it’s called “proffee” a protein shake poured over a cold brew or iced coffee or can be any type of coffee with protein. It is said to be popular for its benefits like improving energy, focus, and performance; added protein, and weight loss assistance.

    However, experts say otherwise, a registered dietician said that there are better ways to get a jolt such as black or green tea or simply a cup of coffee. According to other them, there’s no guarantee that the protein coffee itself will help someone lose weight as there are no studies on proffee itself.

    Moreover, there are cons of drinking proffee that everyone should keep in mind including jitters, sleep disturbance, allergic reactions, and gastrointestinal tract issues. In a nutshell, proffee may be a good alternative drink but it shouldn’t be considered a meal replacement or a primary source of protein or caffeine.

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