Preventing Wrinkles the Right Way

Preventing Wrinkles the Right Way

We can’t avoid aging but we surely can fight off some of its signs, including wrinkles.

There are actually simple but yet effective ways to delay and shrug off the onset of wrinkles. Here are some of them:

Body Cream on a Woman's Body

1. Moisturize to Protect your Skin – When it comes to skincare, it’s no secret that moisturizing is certainly a must. This is the best way to avoid and stave off having a dry skin. Moisturizing boosts collagen production and fights skin aging. In the process, it minimizes and prevents wrinkles while improving the renewal prowess of your skin.

On a side note, it is also important to have an everyday cream with at least SPF 15 for your skin to be protected from damaged caused by UV.


2. Avoid Sun Exposure as much as Possible – In case you are still unaware, exposure to the sun is responsible for more or less 80% of skin aging signs, particularly wrinkles. Avoiding the sun is key to a healthier skin, especially during summer when the rays of the sun have their strongest sting.

There are two important things you can do. First, avoid being under the sun from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. The sun and its heat are at their peak during this stretch. Second, never ever forget to arm your skin with sunblock before getting exposed to the sun.

Fruits and Anti-oxidants

3. Anti-Oxidants Intake – Found in vitamin-rich vegetables and fruits, load up on anti-oxidants to effectively neutralize free radicals to minimize damage to your skin cells. Damage from free radicals from the sun and pollutants cause wrinkles. Enough intake of anti-oxidants helps prevent that.

Make Up Brushes

4. Avoid Harsh Makeups and Cosmetics – Yes, makeups are designed to help our everyday transformation and glow but sometimes, harsh chemicals can cause harm to the skin, too. Make sure the makeups and cosmetics you use are skin friendly to avoid wrinkles and other skin problems.

A Woman Having a Nice Rest

5. Get Enough Sleep – It is that important to hit the sack enough. Getting enough sleep doesn’t only help improve your health and conditioning generally, it also does a lot for your skin. Regeneration and repair of skin cells will not be evident if you keep depriving yourself of enough sleep, eventually causing wrinkles.

Make sure you observe these simple ways if you don’t want wrinkles all over.

Also, there is an effective treatment that can remove wrinkles effectively. Beauty-Tox is a tested service offered by Shinagawa Aesthetics that instantly removes fine lines and wrinkles.

Get rid of your wrinkles for a younger appearance!

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