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With the fusion of Filipino and Japanese expertise, credible high safety standards, quality care and cutting edge technology, Shinagawa performs highly effective procedures consistent with the excellence of 47 other branches all over Japan.

The most popular refractive eye surgery procedure that corrects various errors of refraction such as Nearsightedness, Farsightedness, Astigmatism, and Presbyopia.

At Shinagawa, we offer a wide array of treatments for enhancing your skin. From whitening to toning, contouring to rejuvenating, exfoliating to hair removal, we make sure you get only the best.

Shinagawa performs minimally invasive Aesthetic procedures, using safe and efficient technology and techniques, that improve and enhance one’s overall appearance and boost self-esteem.

Providing excellent dental care from the combined Filipino and Japanese expertise. Shinagawa Orthodontics and Aesthetic Dentistry is committed to giving you the brightest and healthiest smile.

Our Satisfied Clients

At Shinagawa, we treat our clients with utmost care. Your safety and well-being is our primary concern.

Megan Young

“From a grade of 275 (left eye) & 575 (right eye) my vision is now 20/12! My vision is as clear as EVER! It was a quick and painless procedure and everyone at Shinagawa looked after us with great care.”

Camille Pratts

“It took me a long time to finally have LASIK surgery and I wish I had done it sooner. I am now free from wearing glasses and contact lenses. Thank you Doc Dinglasan for a pain free procedure! All the staff and nurses at Shinagawa made the entire procedure a breeze.”

Camille PrattsActress
Isabelle Daza

“So happy to have had my LASIK surgery done with Shinagawa Lasik Center! Hassle free traveling without contacts.”

Isabelle DazaActress
Sheena Hallili

“October 15, 2016 was the last day I wore my eyeglasses because on that same day, I had my Z LASIK surgery at Shinagawa Lasik Center. Surprisingly, the procedure only took 7 minutes (for both eyes). » read more…

Sheena HalliliActress
Katrina "Hopia" Legaspi

“My vision is now 20/20! Thank you to Shinagawa for taking good care of me. They explained everything step by step. My procedure took only 6 min for both eyes. Can you imagine how fast it is? It was not invasive at all. Totally painless, bladeless and safe! I would highly recommend their Z-LASIK Surgery! Goodbye glasses and contact lenses”

Katrina "Hopia" LegaspiActress
Snooky Serna

I am so happy to see the world more clearly now! Thanks to the efficiency and great professional care I was accorded by the friendly Doctors and staff of SHINAGAWA LASIK & AESTHETICS. God bless you and more power!

Snooky SernaActress
Janice de Belen

With Shinagawa IntraLASIK. I can see the world with clear eyes. It’s bladeless and painless.

Janice de BelenActress
Ariel Rivera

Well, coming from someone who’s been wearing glasses for over 30 years and wearing contacts for over 20 years, for me it was very liberating. So when I got the chance to get my eyes corrected, I jumped at a chance have it done by Shinagawa Lasik clinic. I just want to free myself from wearing glasses day and night.

Ariel RiveraActor
Pia Gladys Perey

I had an accident when I was about 4 months old and I survived a bad fall. I had to go through two (2) surgeries but still, experts say there is no way that I can be not wearing eyeglasses.

Just recently, I had the most life-changing experience when I had ULTRA LASIK Surgery from Shinagawa Lasik Center and I am in awe of the results. My vision is now 20/20. » read more…

Pia Gladys PereyInternational Fashion Designer

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