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With the fusion of Filipino and Japanese expertise, credible high safety standards, quality care and cutting edge technology, Shinagawa performs non-invasive and highly effective procedures, consistent with the excellence of our other 47 branches all over Japan.

The most popular refractive eye surgery procedure that corrects various errors of refraction such as Nearsightedness, Farsightedness, Astigmatism, and Presbyopia.

At Shinagawa, we offer a wide array of treatments for enhancing your skin. From whitening to toning, contouring to rejuvenating, exfoliating to hair removal, we make sure you get only the best.

Shinagawa performs minimally invasive Aesthetic procedures, using safe and efficient technology and techniques, that improve and enhance one’s overall appearance and boost self-esteem.

Providing excellent dental care from the combined Filipino and Japanese expertise. Shinagawa Orthodontics and Aesthetic Dentistry is committed to giving you the brightest and healthiest smile.

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At Shinagawa, we treat our clients with the utmost care.
Your safety and well-being is our primary concern.

I’ve been a Shinagawa patient for 2 years. I found out about Shinagawa through my cousin. My sister, mom, and boyfriend even comes here.

I really like how they take care of me and of my family, they take care of my skin. Their hair removal laser is the best, it’s my favorite service here. They also have LASIK so they can take care of your eyes, as in, head to toe, they can do it!

Gwen Zamora
Gwen ZamoraActressGMA

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