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Aside from our skin and hair which is one of the most common concerns of many about themselves, having a set of perfect white teeth is just as important as having a blemish free skin and shiny, silky hair. Some people feel conscious about having teeth discoloration. It could be one of the reasons as well why most have lower self-esteem. They tend not to feel good about themselves and get conscious whenever they talk to people. What really causes teeth discoloration and how do you avoid or minimize it?

1. Foods and Drinks– One factor of having teeth discoloration is about the food and drink you take inside your body. Habitual drinking of dark-colored beverages like coffee, tea, colas, wines and eating citrus or acidic foods can actually cause stain in your teeth.
2. Using Tobacco– Smoking and chewing tobacco is also another reason why you have stained teeth.
3. Poor Dental Hygiene– Inadequate tooth brushing and flossing, unable to remove the plaque or the stain produce by the substances we take inside our body is another factor.
4. Genetics– We couldn’t blame everything on our lifestyle. In most cases, the underlying cause of teeth discoloration is due to your genetic makeup which is beyond your control.

Knowing the reasons could help you to avoid it or if not, will be able to help you minimize it. But then, there are ways in which you could get perfect white teeth. There is this bleaching procedure called Teeth Whitening that helps get rid of yellow-tinged teeth and lightens its color. It is very affordable and has no harmful effects.
This is considered as one of the most popular dental care services nowadays for it helps you to achieve the perfect smile that you wanted and helps you boost your self-esteem. Bring out your best smile in front of the camera and say YELLOW NO MORE.

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