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Foods That Can Damage Your Teeth

Aside from foods that are high in sugar, but there are also other foods that can do harm to your teeth that you might not have thought about.

You should be in the know to avoid any damage that your teeth can endure from unfriendly foods.

Here are 9 unhealthy foods for the teeth that you should avoid to keep your smile as healthy as can be:

  1. Ice – You may have the tendency to comp on ice after finishing a drink. That’s a big no-no. Since ice is hard, your teeth can start cracking without you even realizing it. Put away the ice.
  2. Bread – Yes, while it may be good solid food for most, it can do some harm to your teeth. Its processed carbs are hidden sugars that could impact your health and teeth negatively. Saliva in the mouth breaks down the carbs that convert it to sugar at a rapid pace. Bacteria in the mouth then proceeds to multiply, releasing an acid that damages your enamel.
  3. Vinegar – While it is a good dip for some foods, vinegar is highly acidic and can lead to tooth erosion and decay.
  4. Curry – If you want some spice, there’s a good chance you love curry. However, it is a certainty that your teeth don’t. Since curry powder has such a deep pigment, you can stain your teeth over time by eating it often. Always try to drink water after eating curry to try to help wash away the pigment before it sets to your teeth.
  5. Dried Fruits – Dried fruits, especially dried mangoes, might sound healthy but in reality, they contain a significant amount of added sugar to enhance the flavor. Adding the stickiness they present, your teeth might have a problem. Instead, go for Fresh Fruits or if you really want dried fruits, make sure they don’t contain added sugar.
  6. Corn On The Cob – If you have braces, dental fillings or dentures, better avoid eating corn on the cob as that can loosen your dental work. Instead, just scrape the corn off and use spoon.
  7. Salad Dressings – Since salad dressings are usually packed full of vinegar to enhance the flavor of salads, they also have the same negative impact as vinegar. Some salad dressings also have added sugar for a sweeter taste that could spell out a recipe for disaster. Stick to only the salad or opt for less dressing to minimize the effects.
  8. Vegetable Juice – Since vegetable juice contains a low PH point, which causes some damage, it can soften your enamel. The surface is then demineralized and is prone to cavities. Tomato juice is a standout in this category due to the acidity of the tomato. Other fruit juices such as orange juice and lemon juice also have a low PH and promote the same harmful consequences.

Well, this list might be scary, provided that you are most likely used to consuming some or most of that food. However, there are other substitutes as well.

Also remember, water is king and it offers a healthy boost of hydration and a lot of health benefits without having to cause any damage.

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Why Rubbing Your Eyes Can Harm Your Vision | Shinagawa LASIK Blog

Why Rubbing Your Eyes Can Harm Your Vision

Every now and then, our elders tell you to not rub our eyes as that can do them some harm.

You should listen to them because they are absolutely right.

As sensitive as it may sound, something as simple as rubbing your eyes can potentially be harmful. It’s normal and inevitable for us to rub our eyes every once in a while however, there are a lot of reasons to resist the urge and to stop that tendency.

Here are some important reasons why you should refrain from rubbing your eyes:

1. Harmful Pressure on the Cornea – Constant manipulation, rubbing and pressure of the eye can possibly result in a condition called Keratoconus, which can significantly cause weakening of the cornea, resulting in significant vision loss.

Those with Myopic eye conditions should strictly avoid rubbing their eyes as Myopia, also known as nearsightedness, can worsen and debilitate vision further.

2. Protecting your Eyes from Bacteria – Naturally, your hands are more often bacteria-ridden as they tend to touch almost everything necessary. They may have also been touching outside areas where there are the collection of bacteria derived from multiple persons or creatures daily.

By rubbing, you may transport the bacteria straight into your eye sockets. Without constantly washing your hands to clean them up, you are susceptible to infecting your eyes with germs.

3. Possibilities of Dark Circles – Rubbing your eyes constantly with a little too much force and gusto can also lead to dark circles around the eye area. This is caused by the fragile blood vessels beneath the very thin layer of skin breaking under the force and pressure.

Eventually, this might lead to sagging wrinkle skin around your eyes.

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Ways To Clean Your Eyes After Cataract Surgery | Shinagawa Cataract Blog

Ways To Clean Your Eyes After Cataract Surgery

Having your cataract safely removed through a surgery for a better vision is one thing, taking proper care of your eye right after is another.

It is important to have the proper post-operation care to be able to recover well, accordingly.

While most patients can slowly resume their daily activities following cataract surgery, you will strictly be advised to comply with specific dos and don’ts to be an and shorten your recovery time.

Among several key reminders, protecting your eyes from dust and dirt is critical to your recovery. Here are some effective ways and steps to protect and clean your eyes right after cataract surgery:

Step 1: Thoroughly wash your hand to clean them from dirt

Step 2: Boil water and allow it to cool

Step 3: Dip clean cotton cloth or gauze in the cooled down water

Step 4: Gently wipe the inside and outside corner of your eye

Step 5: Gently wipe the upper and lower eyelid

Step 6: Look up and gently wipe away any sticky discharges

Step 7: Don’t rub your eye

Step 8: Don’t splash water directly to your eye

Step 9: Don’t press on your eye

This cleaning process is normally recommended and advised to be repeated at least twice a day during the first two weeks after the cataract procedure. This is to maintain good hygiene and most importantly, to help give you smoother and faster recovery time.

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Top Reasons To Smile And Keep Smiling | Shinagawa Dental Blog

Top Reasons To Smile And Keep Smiling

There are always reasons to smile. Yes, you better believe that.

Despite all the challenges, obstacles and problems that you may be facing, it is important for you to still manage to smile as that brings you a lot of positives.

If you’re having a difficult time thinking of reasons for you to smile and keep smiling, here are some of them:

  1. Smiling Helps Improve Your Mood – In such times that you’re feeling down, try putting on a smile to offset the bad mood. That can only help improve your mode even for a bit. Smiling can do some tricks if you try wearing it on your down times.
  2. Smiling Helps You Stay Positive – When you smile, it is like sending a positive message to yourself and others that ‘all is well or life is good’. You can stay confident and reduce stress, worrying and depression by smiling as much as you can.
  3. Smiling Relieves Stress – Being stressed out is natural. We get stressed for different reasons. Well, smiling helps in terms of preventing you from looking tired, worn down and overwhelmed. Putting on a smile can help reduce your stress every now and then.
  4. Smiling Is Contagious – Sometimes, you can’t help but smile when you see someone smiling more often. A smiling person can always lighten up the mood and the place while also spreading happiness across.
  5. Smiling Lowers Your Blood Pressure – When you smile, there is a measurable reduction in your blood pressure. Yes, it makes a difference.
  6. Smiling Boosts Immune System – Even your immune system gets boosted when you smile more often. Smiling relaxes the body, allowing it to build a stronger immune system and contributing to your overall health.
  7. Smiles Attract More Than Makeup – Recent studies show that women who smile more often than wear makeup appear to be more attractive to men. Try putting on a smile first instead of pimping your entire face.
  8. Smiles Are The Most Recognizable Facial Expression – Flashing your smile makes it easier for others to recognize and notice you.
  9. People Who Smile More Tend To Live Longer – As mentioned earlier, smiling provides lots of benefits to your health, including your blood pressure and immune system. A larger benefit is the possibility of a longer lifespan. According to scientific studies, those who smile more often tend to live an average of 7 years longer compared to those who don’t.

Putting up a smile is easier and more comfortable if your teeth are well and intact.

Taking care of your teeth will give you all the confidence in the world to smile as much as you can. Our dentists can help get you your dream smile. Call our Patient Care Lines: (+632) 368 5238 | (+63) 917 862 7454 | (+63) 921 217 0517 for your FREE dental consultation.