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Why Rubbing Your Eyes Can Harm Your Vision

Every now and then, our elders tell you to not rub our eyes as that can do them some harm.

You should listen to them because they are absolutely right.

As sensitive as it may sound, something as simple as rubbing your eyes can potentially be harmful. It’s normal and inevitable for us to rub our eyes every once in a while however, there are a lot of reasons to resist the urge and to stop that tendency.

Here are some important reasons why you should refrain from rubbing your eyes:

1. Harmful Pressure on the Cornea – Constant manipulation, rubbing and pressure of the eye can possibly result in a condition called Keratoconus, which can significantly cause weakening of the cornea, resulting in significant vision loss.

Those with Myopic eye conditions should strictly avoid rubbing their eyes as Myopia, also known as nearsightedness, can worsen and debilitate vision further.

2. Protecting your Eyes from Bacteria – Naturally, your hands are more often bacteria-ridden as they tend to touch almost everything necessary. They may have also been touching outside areas where there are the collection of bacteria derived from multiple persons or creatures daily.

By rubbing, you may transport the bacteria straight into your eye sockets. Without constantly washing your hands to clean them up, you are susceptible to infecting your eyes with germs.

3. Possibilities of Dark Circles – Rubbing your eyes constantly with a little too much force and gusto can also lead to dark circles around the eye area. This is caused by the fragile blood vessels beneath the very thin layer of skin breaking under the force and pressure.

Eventually, this might lead to sagging wrinkle skin around your eyes.

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