Causes of Gapped Teeth 1

Causes of Gapped Teeth

Nobody wants gapped teeth for obvious reasons.

Appearance wise, having gapped teeth usually prevents one from fully flashing a smile as it is not too pleasing to look at. Your gapped smile is most likely causing you severe oral health issues and also, severe self-consciousness.

Even if we, of course, don’t prefer having gapped teeth, also called diastema in dental terms, by any means, many people come by this trait naturally.

Still, there are some circumstances and habits that help cause gapped teeth over the course of time.

Here are some of them:

  1. Extra Tissue – There can be extra gum tissue, specifically oversized, that extends way too far. That ultimately gets between front teeth, causing gapped teeth. In this case, an oversized gum tissue, the labial frenum, tend to block the natural closing of the space instead of just serving its purpose of connecting the upper lip and the gums.
  2. Missing Teeth – This is one of the most obvious reasons for having gapped teeth. If teeth happen to be missing or undersized, space can be developed in between.
  3. Mismatching – In instances wherein the size of the teeth and the jaw bone don’t add up accordingly, this can cause extra space between your teeth. In such case, teeth are too small for the jaw bone.
  4. Tongue Thrusting – Some people happen to have incorrect swallowing reflex. Normally, the tongue presses against the roof of the mouth but in this case, the tongue presses against the front teeth. Over the course of time, this can eventually push the teeth forward, causing spaces to develop in between.
  5. Periodontal Disease – When one has a gum disease, the bone supporting the teeth gradually deteriorates and that causes teeth to become loose, resulting in gaps between the front teeth. Moreover. Periodontal Disease can lead to eventual tooth loss and this should be more of a concern that gapped teeth.

Causes of Gapped Teeth 2

Whatever the cause of gapped teeth may be, it is important to determine it to be able to project an appropriate treatment. Naturally caused gapped teeth should be expected to remain unless it is given proper cosmetic treatment. On the other hand, a diastema due to a bad habit and/or improper functioning of the teeth and jaw can most likely cause discomfort and sometimes, pain.

Should you happen to have gapped teeth, it’s probably time to fix that. It’s time to make a change for a more beautiful looking you.

There are many effective cosmetic dentistry options for fixing gapped teeth.

Know what they are and what fits your gapped teeth best, call our Patient Care Lines (+632) 368 5238 | (+63) 917 862 7454 | (+63) 921 217 0517 to book a FREE dental consultation.

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