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If I Have Dry Eyes, Then Why Are They Watery?

Why are my eyes watery? What causes watery eyes? Why are my eyes tearing? My eyes are really wet, how can they be dry?

If I have Dry Eyes, then why are they watery or tearing?

We get these questions a lot. Let’s understand why.

Dryness – can feel like a dry or scratchy feeling, or can feel totally normal but just be watery. A dry eye can even cause your vision to be blurry without people noticing any sensation. Dryness can manifest in many different ways. There are many causes of dryness, from not blinking enough (we’re looking at you, screens and road trips!), to eyes not closing at night (lagophthalmos) to evaporation from the use of air conditioning/heat or wind. Dry eyes are caused by many possible scenarios!

Tear drainage issues – this is less common than dryness, but if the nasolacrimal system is blocked, people can have excess tearing. What is the nasolacrimal system? It’s basically how our tears drain into our nose – ever wonder “Why do I taste my eye drops?” There you go – it’s because of this drainage into the nose thanks to our nasolacrimal system. If there is an issue or blockage there, then BOOM, excessive tearing may occur.

Allergies – although the hallmark of allergies is typically itching, they can also cause watering.

Others – there are other reasons, but because causes vary from eye to eye, we recommend seeing a dry eye specialist.

If you are experiencing excessive tearing or feel like you have sand in your eye, feel something gritty, or feel like there is something in your eye quite often, you may be suffering from dry eyes.

Excessive tearing is usually a red flag for dry eye – so feel free to call our Patient Care Lines: (+632) 7-368 5238 l (+63) 917 862 7454 l (+63) 921 217 0517 for inquiries, questions, and appointments or talk to our consultants via LiveChat here on our website.

We are equipped to address your dry eye problems. We offer all traditional and available treatments for dry eye, as well as some very custom treatments created with your own plasma. Our dry eye team can help evaluate the root cause of your dry eye, help treat your symptoms immediately and help you with your vision!

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