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Love Swimming But Hate Contact Lenses?

Have you ever tried swimming in a pool with your contact lenses on? Quite a mess, right?

If you’ve had a blurry vision for a long time now, you can surely relate. Whether you use eyeglasses or contact lenses, either way, swimming might not be as fun since you feel a lot of discomfort while soaking yourself in the water.

Still, you have no other recourse than to wear either since you won’t be able to navigate and see at all if you don’t.

If you love to swim, but hate dealing with this issue, we can help get you out of your glasses and contacts for a more enjoyable time swimming. The good thing is there’s a solution to that nagging problem when it comes to wearing glasses or contacts when swimming.

LASIK can solve your woes.

After LASIK gives you the bright vision you’ve been seeking, you can finally hit the beach with a lot of ease and comfort.

If you have any fun water adventures or beach vacations you have planned, don’t let your eyesight get in the way. Even if it’s just to swim in your pool or take a dip in your hot tub!

We do get the question quite a bit – so to answer it upfront, downtime after LASIK is very short, only around three to four hours. Feel free to ask us more about LASIK so we can fill you in.

If you are ready to swim glasses and contact-lens free, let’s schedule your LASIK screening!

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