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Oisin Lane Achieves Brighter Vision Through RLE

Refractive Lens Exchange (RLE) can likewise do wonders for one’s vision.

Even with a birth defect in his eyes, Oisin Lane was still able to achieve bright vision with the power of RLE.

“I had Refractive Lens Exchange (RLE) surgery at Shinagawa and it has been a life-changing experience,” said Oisin.

“My vision is almost perfect and I have been wearing glasses for 30+ years and if it was not for a birth defect, my vision would be 100%. I am delighted with 90%. Truly amazing technology!”

Oisin also shared that his girlfriend likewise had a wonderful LASIK experience at Shinagawa.

“My girlfriend had LASIK and went from not being able to see clearly beyond 6-feet to perfect 20/10 vision. She is totally delighted with her, as she calls it, laser vision.”

“The staff are all extremely friendly and are clearly well trained. Thank you, team Shinagawa!”

We have the most advanced vision correction treatments available. We can save your vision. One call is all it takes to get it started.

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