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Possible Eye Diseases For Contact Lens Wearers

Contact lenses have a lot to offer someone with poor vision. And at such an affordable price, they seem like an attractive alternative to glasses with their strong points. In fact, here are the advantages of contact lenses:

  • You can’t snap or break them
  • They don’t fog up
  • You can wear them while exercising
  • You can buy them as and when you need them
  • They don’t require a large upfront investment

However, like any other quick-fix solution, they come with an equal number of weaknesses as well:

  • They are easily lost
  • They don’t perform well in extreme weather conditions
  • They can’t be worn for certain sports and activities like swimming
  • They require a certain level of care and maintenance
  • They can cause dry eyes and irritation
  • They cost more than LASIK over time

Some of these points may sound trivial to those who are new to wearing contact lenses and experiencing their benefits — particularly ex-glasses users. And it wouldn’t be too bad if that all their drawbacks. But the thing is, the list doesn’t end there.

Being a contact lens wearer is in some ways like being an ice road trucker. When nothing bad happens, it’s a good day. But when something does go wrong, it can be disastrous.

Unfortunately, due to the set guidelines that exist for wearing and looking after your lenses, it’s also not too difficult for things to go wrong. As a result, failure to store and clean them properly, wearing them for too long, or not replacing them when necessary, are all factors that can contribute to the long-term degradation of your vision.

If you’re ready to ditch the contacts, Shinagawa is the place to go for you. We are ready to give you a brighter vision with the best LASIK treatments in the country.

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