Prophylaxis: For Your Oral Health Care

Prophylaxis: For Your Oral Health Care

Oral prophylaxis or Teeth cleaning, as we all know it is necessary to promote proper oral health care. It is a cleaning procedure performed to our teeth for thorough cleaning with the expert eye of a dentist and specialized dental equipment. It is very true that most of us don’t pay attention to having our teeth cleaned and will not see a dentist as long as we don’t feel any pain and discomfort inside our mouth.

Having our teeth checked at least every six months is very important to keep our grinders away from any future problem. Plus, oral prophylaxis procedure is a professional teeth cleaning.

Some of the reasons why we need to have our teeth checked twice a year are:

    • Removal of Tartar– Not everything can be removed by just simply brushing or flossing of teeth. Plaque buildup if left untreated will cause more serious dental problems in the future.
    • For Aesthetics– One would feel more confident if their teeth that are not marred with yellowish stain or is not experiencing any tooth ache.
    • Prevents Bad Breath– The common cause of bad breath is the food particles left below the gum line that couldn’t be reached by simply brushing or flossing. Plaque removal is as important to prevent build-up of tartar behind our teeth.
    • Helps Health Issues to be Identified– Having oral prophylaxis can determine health issues since it involves thorough health oral examination. By doing a checkup of your mouth, it can avoid future health problems. Through this, the dentist could give recommendation and would prevent future dental issues.

Taking care of our teeth is as significant as taking care of our skin as this help boost our confidence in our everyday pursuit of happiness. The good thing is that teeth cleaning price in the Philippines is reasonable for all.

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