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The Changes In Your Vision Due To Cataract

Cataract most certainly affects one’s vision one way or another.

When it gets ripe, a cataract tends to interfere not only in a person’s vision but in everyday activities as well.

Here are the vision changes that cataract patients experience:

1. Constant Blurring – Everything suddenly looks cloudy and hazy. With the lack of detail, it makes it difficult to read, watch television or stare at a digital screen, see objects and walk or run down the roads since depth perception is most likely affected.

2. Increased Sensitivity To Brightness – Too much light can cause problems for people with cataract. Direct sunlight can make it difficult to see clearly since too much light can likewise cause glare, which can affect seeing the surroundings clearly.

3. Essential For More Light – As we get older, we all tend to rely more on the light in everything we do. People who have cataract tent to need light even more so than others. Seeing clearly enough to be able to do daily activities involves a brighter light and a person with cataract will feel that more.

4. Unstable Depth Perception – A closer and tighter attention are required to accurately judge distances. Also, shadows and their patterns can be interpreted incorrectly as level changes or obstructions. These problems can possibly cause accidents.

5. Color Blindness – Since cataract causes the eye’s lens to become yellowish, the previously clear vision suddenly becomes cloudy. As a result, vision acquires a “brownish” tint and that makes it significantly difficult to identify the difference between certain colors.

If you have some signs and symptoms of cataract while also experiencing some of these vision changes, it’s best to have your eyes checked the soonest.

Our experienced eye doctors are ready to take an in-depth look at your eyes to see what’s best for them. Call our Patient Care Lines: (+632) 368 5238 l (+63) 917 862 7454 l (+63) 921 217 0517 and book your much needed eye consultation.

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